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I’m not saying this home is particularly boring on the inside; I’m merely stating that it is was properly staged and in its best “freshly painted gray, cleaned, and ready for new owners” vibes. If you follow anything regarding real estate or watch HGTV or any of the cool new channels on the Magnolia Network, then you know what I’m talking about.

But today we are not talking about gray interiors because I am saving that one for an entire series of posts. (We are really gonna Deep Dive on that one, folks!)

We are going to chat about one of my most favorite homes in the Charleston Suburbs that I had the pleasure of viewing while I was house-hunting for my own slice of suburbia back in 2017 – a gorgeous home in my own neighborhood!

Quick snapshot of the home:

Charleston-Style Home with Double Porches // Colleton Floorplan Built in 2005 by Centex Homes

4 Bedrooms // 3.5 Baths

4 Porches // 4 Exterior Doors

Liberty Hall Plantation // Goose Creek, SC aka Charleston Suburbs

Basic Main (Meh) Interior:

The orientation of this home to the sun means that the sun rises in the back of the house (the backyard), hovers all day on the south side (midday over the garage, driveway, and front door), then sets on the northwest corner of the home at the front.

So let’s start in the front yard:

How quintessentially ‘Charleston’ are we with the variety of palms!

The back yard gets even better. It’s the perfect entertaining/lounging/comfy oasis you’d expect from a suburban backyard!

Do you see the massive footing that bamboo has by the back gate leading to the garage? When I was there in person it just felt massive… and oh so private.

(I wish I had personal photos of the backyard, but it was during an Open House and knowing that nice agent inside could see me made me feel awkward, #recoveringawkwardperson amiright?!)

Here’s the view from the back:

These lovely owners built a pergola with a deck, complete with a bottle tree, a shade garden, sago palms and elephant ears everywhere! And are those ginger lilies?!

It’s every Charlestonian’s Dream, bruh.

When I was standing on the back porch looking DOWN into the pergola, I imagined all the backyard BBQs and summer soirees you could have!

The garage and giant bamboo serves as cover for another shade-loving garden bed:

And the view from the deck:

The crape myrtles are perfect here too! And the back fence had a small gate the lead to another planned garden.

I mean, obviously the fact that this home backed up to protected wetlands was the big bonus!

Two more views of the deck and pergola:

A nice, shady backyard with privacy and surrounded by greenery like this is definitely an oasis! Even sipping on some coffee or tea in the morning while watching the sun rise would make for cherished moments.

Well, obviously we didn’t end up buying this home; nor did we put in an offer. We still hadn’t had a buyer yet and these folks were ready to sell – so we had to pass this beauty up!

I always think about this home and that gorgeous yard every Spring when I’m working on my own!

I hope this home’s yard serves as inspiration for you as well!

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